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Как проверить качество digital - продукта: инструменты, метрики и стоимость обслуживания
Александра Пашина
7 мин. 2/7/2021

Every company culture is unique. It is the heartbeat of an organization and is fueled by employees’ actions, beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes.

Companies that actively work to build an inclusive company culture recruit better talent, see increased employee engagement and productivity, have lower turnover rates, and fewer safety incidents.1 But too often companies take a passive approach to company culture, allowing it to form naturally based on the values of the majority group. This approach often leaves employees who are not part of the majority group feeling like outsiders – unheard and undervalued.

So, how do you build inclusive cultures that ensure every employee feels valued?

It starts with leadership.

Employees look to company leaders for cues on what types of behaviors are appropriate. How leaders communicate company values, make decisions, recognize employee contributions, communicate and reinforce certain beliefs or perceptions, and seek out and value input from employees or colleagues heavily influences how employees feel about the company they work for and the level of trust they have in leadership. Company leaders need to understand the importance of modeling inclusive behaviors and reinforcing company values.

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It is not enough to simply state what you want your culture to be. Those expectations need to be backed by clear policies. Start by developing workplace policies that value thoughtful participation, encourage new ideas, set behavioral expectations, and reinforce the company’s stated mission and values. Be transparent about where you currently are as a company, where you aspire to be, and how you intend to get there.

Don’t compromise your values.

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